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About The owner

Bringing pure joy into the lives of the people you care about is what drives us

Mudita was created with its own meaning in mind: Pure Joy. We live to bring a little pure joy into peoples lives through authentic gift giving. 


I’ve always been passionate about the power of gifting to build authentic connections. And I believe that great gifts have stories. Stories about shared experiences and values, about exciting finds you can’t wait to share, about welcoming and thanking and connecting. Stories that both the recipient and giver still want to tell years after the gift has been opened.

How We got Started

Not only have I been passionate about gift giving for years; I've been really good at it. I've been in the corporate world for over a decade and through it all I've always been the one asked to create the gifts for my leaders retirements, coworkers birthdays, holiday parties, promotions, welcome kits, and the list goes on. Each of these I took to heart, spending time and energy on crafting the perfect gift. Not just to give someone an item; but to memorialize that life event, creating memories and stories they could tell for years to come.  


One thing I always refused to do was give someone one of those generic gifts that you could pick up anywhere. The ones with no thought, no heart, and come off only as an after thought. These gifts would easily take hours to think through and days to weeks to gather all the pieces and assemble. That's where idea of Mudita came from. Each gift box we craft has been thought through with small personal touches to make sure the person who opens it experiences pure joy and that the moment turns into a memory that lasts forever.  

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(n.) Sanskrit The pleasure of finding Joy in the happiness, success, and well-being of others. 

Why Mudita?

Mudita gets its origins in Buddhism. It's one of the brahmavihārās, which are a series of virtues known as the four immeasurables. The four are metta (loving kindness), karuna (compassion), mudita (sympathetic joy or empathy), and upekkha (equanimity). 

Mudita, in its definition, is the reason this company even exists. We get our happiness knowing that we are bringing a spark of joy, even if only for a minute, to someone else's life. 

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